Helm were recently delighted to win the SQA sponsored National Youthlink Award for Skills for Life 2019, recognising the high levels of accredited qualifications Helm students achieve, their progressions on to work and college, together with the experience and professionalism of our team, and the highly successful approach of the organisation.

Helen Sykes, CEO, pictured, said ” We are so proud of the exceptional young people who routinely gain hundreds of accredited achievements every year while working hard with Helm – these are young people who will have typically disengaged from school or left with little or no formal achievement, and have usually faced significant adversity in their lives.  These same young people however demonstrate when they work with us at Helm that they want the same things as everyone in life – a good job, a safe home and a stable family – and are prepared to work for it”.

Helen added that she believes the keys to our success are having the highest possible expectations of all our students and a consistent strengths based approach combined with great relationships between students and staff, and an environment in which young people feel safe, cared about, and able to develop great peer support through the friends they make at Helm.

Tim Frew, CEO of Youthlink said “It is an inspiration to us all to see the magnificent work and dedication which your team has displayed and which so impressed the judging panel”

In the picture is our former student Rebecca, who went up on stage to represent Helm on the evening of the awards ceremony in Glasgow. Rebecca is now in her first year of a 2 year apprenticeship with the Gary Wightman salon and we wish her all success in her future.