This is an online magazine dedicated to all things Helm.

It is written and edited by people attending Helm, articles will be about activities, outings, things learned, qualifications etc, basically an update on what is happening in and around the building.

This week Tegan, Katie and Tylor met up with our new ELO’s; Sarah Cooke and Mark Thomson to find out a little bit more about their role in the charity. They also did a bit of digging to find out what they did prior to working at Helm – and found out that one of them used to be a taxi driver in a past career…..intrigued, read on!


1 – Tell me something about yourself!?

Sarah: I used to be a singer on a ship.

Mark: I once completed a marathon.

2 – What do you do at Helm?

Sarah: Employment Liaison Officer.

Mark: Employment Liaison Officer, I help young people at Helm get placements and jobs.

3 – What would you want to be in the next life?

Sarah: A sausage dog.

Mark:  A lion.

4 – What is your favourite part of Helm?

Sarah: When matches are made with young people to positions in employment etc.

Mark: Seeing young people achieve their goals and thrive in the workplace, and the positive energy we have here.

5 – What job roles have you had previously?

Sarah: Pupil support assistant, Pupil welfare officer, Mentor/Coordinator, sales at B&Q Kitchens

Mark: Barber, Postman, Youth Work Coach, Taxi Driver and Support Worker.

6 – What makes Helm weaker or stronger than school?

Sarah: Not as formal or strict for the students.

Mark: More catered to individuals learning needs, less restrictive, less formal, more focused on a tailored path, school is more academic.

7 – What has been your best experience in the work environment?

Sarah: Going out and about to different places and meeting the employers in Dundee.

Mark: Getting to know employers and seeing young people succeed on placements.

8 – How long do you see yourself working in Helm?

Sarah: As long as they are willing to line my pockets!

Mark: As long as possible.

9 – What has been your favourite experience at Helm so far?

Sarah: Hot roll Tuesday and meeting the lovely staff.

Mark: Getting to know everyone and also hot roll Tuesday.

10 – What does ELO stand for?

Sarah: Employment Liaison Officer.

Mark: Employment Liaison Officer.

Thank you very much to Sarah and Mark for your time, it was very interesting to find out a little bit more you both.

HelmZINE! team will be back next month for the second edition of the magazine. This will be an exciting edition where we will be working with the James Dyson Engineering Box. See you then!