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Make your dreams a reality


Our long-term vision is a Scotland where all young people dare to dream and can make those dreams a reality. Our more immediate mission is to ensure that young people in Scotland have access to the education, training and housing that supports them to learn.

Our strategy for achieving this focuses on three key activities, which we believe, will make education, training and employment accessible and achievable for all:

Remove Barriers

Accessing and maintaining mainstream education and training is made more difficult for young people by a multitude of individual and societal barriers, such as previous experiences of learning, trauma, family relationships, education system, finances and housing. To remove barriers we will deliver appropriate services, work in partnership and influence others to increase young people’s engagement in education and training.

We will Deliver:

  • Mental health support to young people accessing our education, housing and employment services
  • Housing and support that meets the requirements of young people, providing choice for the different stages of their housing needs

We will work with partners across Tayside, and beyond, to listen to the experiences of excluded young people to adapt and develop services that remove barriers and enable access to learning and employment.

Develop education, training and employment services

All young people across Scotland should have access to education, training and employment services that meet their needs and supports them to learn and prepare for the world of work. This includes young people who are seeking asylum and make Scotland their new home.

We deliver services that understand the internal challenges that young people bring to learning. We recognise child development and the impact of adolescence on young people. We understand how mental health informs how young people feel and engage with learning. We take a rights based approach in all of our services. We understand the impact of trauma and recognise behaviours that are a result of trauma.  We understand the impact of inequalities on young people. We adapt our services to be inclusive of the needs of all young people and support young people to overcome barriers to learning.

To increase the range of suitable options available we will work with partners, commissioners and funders to deliver the most inclusive models of:


  • Education
  • Additional one to one support
  • Employability Support, stages 1- 4
  • Scottish Government Employability Schemes (e.g. Apprenticeships/Kickstart)
  • Social Enterprises
  • Mentoring
Give young people a voice

Young people who have experienced barriers to learning and employment know and understand what we are trying to achieve. They know what needs to happen to change learning for future generations.

We value the experiences that young people have had and listen to their thoughts and feelings. Young people engage in their own training plans, the services which support them, how the organisation is run and what the future of Helm looks like.

We support and train young people to enable them to articulate their experiences and transform services for Helm and nationally, for all young people.

Our Values:

‘What’ we do is only part of how we will achieve our mission. ‘How’ we work, as individuals and as an organisation, will shape everything that we do and ensure that we all work together with a joint understanding.

The values of the organisation will be the lens through which everything is viewed and scrutinised. In all our activities we will ask ourselves, are we…..

Caring in all that we do as an organisation, with young people, each other, the community, and the environment

Respectful of others, valuing differences and allowing others to express themselves, without judgement

Collaborating of others, valuing differences and allowing others to express themselves, without judgement

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Alternatively, our friendly team are always here to help and can be reached on hello@helmtraining.co.uk.

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Helm has been supporting young people aged 15 to 25 years, in Dundee, to gain education and employment, for over 40 years. As a grassroots organisation we have maintained our connections with communities as we have grown to work across Tayside.

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