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Helm is actively seeking new volunteers who can support our work and give young people the chance to dare to dream about their futures.

If you’re interested in volunteering for Helm, read on to find out all about the different opportunities available.

One of our goals is to give young people the skills and confidence they need to enter the world of work. We are looking for local professionals to come to our office in the centre of Dundee to work directly with young people.

By sharing stories and expertise, Helm’s volunteers will inspire, motivate and upskill our young people as they start their employability journey.  Volunteers might do this by leading a session on what they look for in a CV or at an interview, or by delivering a ‘master class’ on a topic that would be beneficial to young people looking to progress.  Alternatively, it’s invaluable for our volunteers to share their personal career journeys to demonstrate to our young people that there are lots of different jobs available and ways to achieve success which are unique to an individual’s own situation, strengths and ambitions.  If you have a skill or background to share that you think would be useful to our young people, we’d love to hear from you.

Additionally, there’s also lots of practical ways you can get involved such as working on our allotment or in our practical trades unit. As a small charity, volunteers ‘mucking in’ is absolutely priceless. It’s also a great option to explore as a company away day if you’re looking to give back to your local community and to support a worthwhile cause.

There are currently the following volunteering opportunities available at Helm

Opportunity to deliver ‘Master Classes’ on a range of topics, for example, how to write a good CV, what does professional behaviour look like, how to give good interviews, how to develop a growth mindset, overview of vital ICT skills, etc.

Opportunity to undertake mock interviews with young people

Opportunity to provide support in day to day activities, for example around cooking, life skills and literacy

Opportunity to deliver specialist talks focusing on, for example, overcoming substance misuse, overcoming a criminal background, working with a disability or limiting condition

Opportunity to provide practical support, for example in the allotment, in the practical unit and in Helm’s building (e.g. painting and decorating) 

Opportunity to tell young people about your personal journey or talk to young people about their industry and role 

Support Helm to run mini-projects. We’re seeking professionals or specialists to come in to share something interesting for young people, for example how to create a film, how to DJ or how to build a computer game. This could be a one-off session or a project over a couple of weeks.

Alternatively, you could consider micro volunteering for Helm! We know that time is precious which is why we’ve come up with some quick and easy ways that you can support us by micro volunteering!   

If you have a spare ten minutes, see how many of the list below you can complete!  

Helm runs Helm Autocare, a garage in the centre of Dundee.  If you need your car servicing, why not contact us to book an appointment? It’s a great opportunity to support the charity and give young people a chance to build their skills.  

Visit – www.helmautocare.co.uk – for more information

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We’re always keen to work with new companies – could you facilitate an introduction between Helm and one of your colleagues who helps to select your company’s Charity of the Year?

Email hello@helmtraining.co.uk for more information.

Are you a member of a community group that has local speakers or run events to fundraise for charities? We’d love to hear from you if so.

Get in touch on hello@helmtraining.co.uk for more information.

Work for a company that might be able to offer a young person a work placement?

Email hello@helmtraining.co.uk and we’ll get in touch with you to find out more.  

Finish the list with time to spare? Check out our other volunteering opportunities above or get in touch with us to tell us how you’d like to support us in the future.

By supporting Helm, you’re helping us to ensure that all young people in Scotland dare to dream!

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Helm has been supporting young people aged 15 to 25 years, in Dundee, to gain education and employment, for over 40 years. As a grassroots organisation we have maintained our connections with communities as we have grown to work across Tayside.

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