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Unlocking success


Unlocking Success: Discover the Impact of Helm’s work.

Read Helm’s Annual Report and embark on a journey of inspiration and engagement.

This comprehensive report unveils the incredible impact Helm has made in the lives of young people from Tayside, helping them to dare to dream about their futures. From remarkable success stories to new initiatives, this report demonstates the unwavering dedication of the team at Helm in supporting and nurturing the talents of young people.

Inside the pages of the Annual Report, you’ll uncover the powerful stories of young individuals who have found their path to positive destination, thanks to the holistic support, vocational training, and hands-on experience provided by Helm. Be inspired by their resilience, determination, and growth as they navigate the challenges of transitioning into adulthood.

This report goes beyond numbers and statistics. It captures the essence of Helm’s mission to create a supportive learning environment, where young individuals can gain essential skills, qualifications, and confidence. Discover the innovative projects and partnerships with employers, and wrap-around support that have proven instrumental in paving the way for sustainable employment and independent living.

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Helm has been supporting young people aged 15 to 25 years, in Dundee, to gain education and employment, for over 40 years. As a grassroots organisation we have maintained our connections with communities as we have grown to work across Tayside.

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