This World Mental Health Day, Helm is happy to announce bookings are now open for the next block of free sessions tackling mental health challenges for young people in Dundee.

Over the last year Helm has been aware of a considerable change in the needs of the young people who engage with Helm. Particularly their confidence, motivation and levels of anxiety and poor mental health. Helm is working hard to address this and is aware that earlier intervention would make a significant difference. The level of need has been recognised, and with funding received through the Community Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund, Helm is continuing to tackle the issues facing young people by providing free outreach sessions.

Bookings are now open for Helm’s next 2 blocks of 10 weekly sessions for young people, aged 16 and over, who are struggling with their confidence, motivation, and social isolation and/or are struggling to determine their next steps.

The sessions are available 2.30pm to 4pm on Wednesday afternoons from 25th October to Wednesday 27th November inclusive and Tuesday afternoons from 7th November to Tuesday 9th January 2024 inclusive.

Helm’s in-house Art Therapist will deliver a group session to young people who would benefit from dedicated support.

  • The first 8 weeks are delivered in Helm and the emphasis will be on building connections and growing self-confidence. Activities will be fun, creative, and engaging, encouraging the young people to try new things and engage with others.
  • Weeks 9 & 10 will focus on the next steps, working with partners like SDS and other employability providers, D&A College and will include visits to Helm’s beauty, mechanics, and trades learning centres.

Each block can have a maximum of 6 attendees, and spaces are given on a first come first served basis. The young people ideally suited to this programme are those who may be overlooked in school or college due to their quietness, whose behaviour is not necessarily disruptive but there are concerns about their connections, their engagement, or their next steps.

Our CEO, Ally Calder told us:

“We are pleased to be able to continue offering these free sessions to young people in Dundee. We know young people have been disproportionally impacted by the pandemic, and unfortunately many of these longer-term effects are only beginning to come to the surface now. If we can help young people to build positive relationships, we can hopefully show them there is hope and they can manage their mental health challenges. Our Art Therapist has reported a significant positive change in the young people she worked with in the previous block, and we look forward to working with a new group of young people who need our support to transition to positive destinations.”

If you know a young person who you feel would benefit from attending the sessions, please contact our Art Therapist, Audrey-Walker Kerr on to request further information and a referral form.