Helm is delighted to be launching our new Community Mentor Project this month in partnership with Tokheim Dundee, part of the International Dover Corporation.

What is it?

Tokheim have been developing a close support partnership with Helm for several months and as part of a range of work together have generously agreed to provide the time of senior managers at Tokheim to act as volunteer mentors for our students. Managers who volunteered for this work have been being trained by Helm as mentors over the last few weeks and have just been “matched” with students who have said they would like a mentor and who are getting ready to progress on from Helm into a job, an apprenticeship or a college place.
Students and mentors then discuss what they want to work on together and will meet together at least once a month, initially for a six month period.

Why do it?

Helm students develop confidence, resilience and experience in their time with us but life may stay tough, transitions into work or college can be challenging and students can sometimes lose sight of their dreams or struggle to maintain a successful destination after they move on. Providing a Helm mentor allows them to build a relationship with a positive role-model who is enthusiastic about sharing their own skills and experience with the goal of ensuring Helm students can fulfil their potential.
For the Mentor, this is a rewarding experience that allows them to develop as people and learning mentoring skills also provides a new perspective on managing people at work.

I did not appreciate the impact that meeting the young people would have on me. The training at Helm has completely changed my view of the role and I can’t wait to start working with my mentee”
Jake Short, Customer Services Manager, one of our first community mentors.

Callum, a student at Helm says “Knowing that I have a mentor there to work with when I finish at Helm is reassuring. Its extra security for me in case I am stuck with anything in the future”

How will we know it’s effective?

Helm are working with a University of Dundee Community Learning and Development research team to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. They will be measuring the effect on outcomes and confidence for Mentees, as well as the impact of the project on the Mentors.
Participants will be interviewed at the beginning of the pilot and again at the end. The results of the Pilot Research will influence how the project is carried forward in the future.

Dr Victoria Jupp Kina, Lecturer in CLD and Social Work, who is leading the research says :

As a member of the CLD team here at the University of Dundee, I am delighted to be further extending our partnership with Helm through a new research project to analyse the role of mentoring as a support mechanism during the first transition to employment or further education. This creates a new and exciting research-practice partnership that enables us to deepen our relationship and impact positively on the lives of young people in Dundee.

What happens next?

Following the pilot, we will determine whether the project was successful and take into consideration any changes that need to be made. If the pilot does show measurable success, it will be extended (pending funding) as a service that can be offered to all students leaving Helm.

How can I find out more?

If you are interested in supporting the project either as a local employer who would like to give their staff this development and social responsibility opportunity, or as an individual who would like to register interest in volunteering as a mentor, please contact Angela, Student Wellbeing Manager.
If you are an individual, trust or foundation who is interested in how you could help fund the further development of this project after pilot stage, please contact Helen, Chief Executive.


Angela Logan, Student Wellbeing Manager : Angela.logan@helmtraining.co.uk

Helen Sykes, Chief Executive : Helen.sykes@helmtraining.co.uk

Tel. 01382 224464