Helm is offering care experienced young people the chance to apply for funding to enable them to try additional opportunities. 

Allison Fyfe, Project Lead at Helm, says: “Young people told us that they would like to be given the opportunity to use the award to do something that they haven’t already done before.  It might be a holiday or weekend away, learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby.  We know that Covid-19 has impacted on young people and this Award one of the ways, post-pandemic, that Helm is helping young people to dare to dream.  Helm wants young people to be able to apply for the fund for something that is aspirational and not just day to day items.”

We expect to fund opportunities under the following categories (please note this is just examples and not an exhaustive list):

  • Season Tickets (Football, Ice Hockey etc)
  • Experience days (Supercar, bungee jump etc)
  • Music lessons (guitar, drums etc)
  • Training/Courses (Cooking, photography, beauty etc)
  • Social events/days out (Paintballing, Spa Day, Go Carting etc)
  • Coaching Badges (Football, Rugby etc)
  • Sports Equipment (Fishing, Golf, Bike Helmet, Pump etc)

How do I know if I can apply?

Helm has detailed information on our website about who can apply and how they should complete their application. 

Click here to find out more or contact us on youthopportunity@helmtraining.co.uk if you want to talk to someone about next steps.

If I’m eligible and want to apply, what should I do next?

Once you are ready to make an application, download our application via our website or our QR code. Both can be found by clicking here.

The deadline is 8th July so if you want to apply, make sure you get in touch with us soon to be in with a chance to being successful!

Additional Information:

We are aiming to have all applications reviewed within 4 weeks of the closing date or when we receive 100 applications whichever is the soonest. All applications will be reviewed by care experienced young people and our wider team.

I still have some questions? Who can I talk to?

We’d love to hear from you – please email: youthopportunity@helmtraining.co.uk and one of Helm’s team will be happy to help.