Helm is a specialist youth employability charity with a track record of working in our community for over 30 years. We have many longstanding trusted relationships with a wide range of employers who all have a commitment to help Dundee’s young people get their first start in adult life.

What could my business offer?

The most important thing you can do is simply offer work experience to help our students get started. You are not expected to be able to offer employment, but of course many of our employers of course also offer jobs and apprenticeships after working with a student for a while – it's obviously an ideal way to see if you are suited to each other.

Why is work experience important for young people?

Anything you can offer means a young person is either getting an incredibly valuable opportunity to try out working in your sector, or they may be (as is often the case) pursuing their passion and gaining skills in your line of work. Every young person who gains this kind of experience is better placed to know what they want to do next, will gain some really useful skills, and will be better prepared for any interview. They will also of course be much more likely to be successful in choosing jobs or college courses in something they do really like and know they have the potential to become skilled in.

What sort of work experience do students need?

Our employers can offer any work experience options which work for their business and our students. That can be a half-day taster, a part-time placement, or up to 5 days a week for several weeks - that's up to you and our student to agree together. Our experienced employment liaison officers will work closely with you to decide what's best.

What help is there for me as a business owner or manager?

We stay very involved, helping the students to understand what is expected, visiting regularly throughout placements, dealing with any issues which arise, and supporting you as our employer partners in any way you need.

It's all about trust

This kind of relationship based work is only successful if we are completely open and honest about things with you and our students. We also ask you to be completely open and honest with us about what you need and expect from our students. Our reputation is built on the fact we take time to get to know you and our students, and then only ever match students with employers where we think there will be a good fit.

How do I start?

Find out how to join the employers in Dundee who are are working for their community – get in touch with us today!

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