What are my options?

What are my options?

When you join the Employment Fund Programme or are referred through the Pathway Programme you will be given the option to complete SQA qualifications in your first few weeks.  Qualifications we can offer you include; Coreskills, National Progression Awards, Employability Award, Steps to Work Award and Certificate of Work Readiness.  You will work in a class environment with a small group of usually 8-10 of your peers. You will have a keyworker who will remain as your first point of contact throughout your journey at Helm.

In the afternoons you can take part in soft skills sessions where you will enhance your; team working abilities; creative skills; communication; problem solving and emotional intelligence.   We have regular visitors to Helm who are specialist in their field and will deliver workshops or meet with you on a 1-1 basis.

When you feel you are ready you will then be given the option to go out on work placement in an industry that you have an interest in.  Currently we have work placements in  the following industries; Childcare; Beauty; Warehousing & Logistics; Recycling; Administration; Social Care; Digital; Retail; Mechanics; Horticulture; Maintenance.  If we don’t have something you are interested in we will endeavor to source a placement which meets your needs.

On placement you will work very closely with and be supported by Laura – our Employment Liaison Officer (ELO).  Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to complete your Certificate of Work Readiness qualification as your progress on placement

During your entire journey you will meet regularly with your keyworker or ELO and will be supported in applying for jobs, preparing for interviews and entering the world of work or transitioning into further education.