Our organisation

Our organisation

Helm was founded over 30 years ago and today works inclusively with 250 young people in Dundee every year, specialising in supporting all our students to make the best possible transition into adult life. Helm are a registered charity (SC008580) and a company limited by guarantee (SC0099885). Our most recent audited accounts can be found here.


We spent some time refreshing our vision together in 2016 as a staff team and Board. We considered what really matters to us, our strengths and challenges, where we are now, and where we wanted to go as an organisation. We applied the concept that our “vision” is what we want the world to look like when we have achieved our aims. We thought about the fact that the support, opportunities and encouragement we have as we grow up shapes our aspirations for life. We believe this statement shows our ambition to bring about change in Scotland for all young people. Helm’s vision is :

A Scotland where all young people dare to dream, and are empowered to make to make their hopes and dreams a reality

Core Objectives

We have recognised we are on a journey to remain as we are now – a robust well governed organisation, while at the same time we need to improve our resilience and adaptability in a changing world, as we deliver leading edge youthwork practice..

  • We are also working with the clear intention to use the evidence of our practice and our growing influence at regional and national levels in order to have a positive impact on outcomes for all young people in Scotland.
  • Recent evidence of success in this strategy is the inclusion of our significant regional partnership project in the current Tay Cities deal, in which Helm together with our partners will be funded to contribute to the delivery of the inclusive growth agenda of the region
How does this work in practice?

All team members’ work is clearly linked to a set of annual objectives within each of the above core areas. Some objectives are linked to continuing to deliver excellence and drive standards in our current work, some are linked to maintaining a stable and robust infrastructure as an organisation, while others are about leading exciting new developments – ensuring all our work is linked to real and sustainable change.

Board and Governance

Helm have an active board of up to 8 Trustees, all of whom are volunteers. All our trustees have a strong and passionate interest in bringing about sustainable change in young lives.

  • The board reviews financial and performance papers monthly, and meets every 2 months. The board also has a strategic development day once a year.
  • Each member of the board takes a special interest in reviewing particular aspects of organisational risk, and Trustees are recruited from a range of professional backgrounds including law, business, finance, HR, social welfare and education to ensure we have the best range of specific skills and experience needed to govern and continue to develop.
  • Our current Chair is Douglas Moodie, who is a Chartered Accountant, and an experienced management consultant and business owner. Douglas also volunteers as Chair of his local Children’s Panel.