Meet the team

Meet the team

 The team at Helm share common values, are passionate about we do, and we are all motivated by the success of our students - it's why we come to work! Meet some of us below....

Managing Staff

  • Helen Sykes

    Chief Executive

    Helen joined Helm in August 2015. She has a passion for social justice and believes strongly in the right of all young people to a fair start in life. She is delighted to be leading Helm at this exciting time in our development and particularly as we start to use the evidence of our work to persuade game changers in our society to make a real and sustainable difference to young lives throughout Scotland.

    Helen has led a wide ranging career to date in the private, public and voluntary sector, and has significant experience in pioneering new initiatives in the social impact sector.
    Helen holds a Masters degree from the University of Aberdeen and is also a Chartered Accountant. She is a keen walker, a (very biased) Irish Rugby supporter, an enthusiastic if not very consistent tennis player, and spends all remaining spare time actively avoiding the gym (much to the disappointment of her personal trainer son).

  • Carol Robertson

    Operations Manager

    Carol manages the successful delivery of all our programmes, working closely to support our key commissioning partners, and leading a team of 8 delivery and support staff. Carol has built up a wealth of knowledge and skills during her 18 years with Helm. She has progressed over the years through many responsibilities to most recently taking on the role of Operations Manager in 2016. When she manages to get some spare time, she is a keen golfer, a committed dog-owner and a very involved grandparent. Carol says the most satisfying part of her work is seeing the young people who have come to Helm for support or training make even the smallest of positive steps in their lives.

  • Martin Just

    Finance and Infrastructure Manager

    Martin has worked with Helm for 13 years, playing a key role in the organisation’s finances, and now leading this key function.
    Remembering his own early days as a Y.T.S. trainee in his native South Tyneside, he strongly believes in supporting students to make the best possible positive transition they can into adult life.

    He is also leading our work this year on a number of infrastructure projects and taking a key role in the new staff engagement group.

    When he tears himself away from his spreadsheets, he is a busy parent. He is known to spend time (too much if asking his partner) playing computer games, board games and enjoys watching sci-fi and super hero movies with his son and wholeheartedly accepts the inner geek in him.

  • Charlene Hay

    Deputy Operations Manager

    Charlene joined the management team in 2016 after working in every delivery programme of Helm, including her most recent work as part of the employment liaison team.

    Charlene herself left school at 15, and together with significant experience of working with young people living in supported accommodation, she has a real in depth knowledge of the range of challenges some of our students face when trying to progress. She supports all day to day operations work in Helm, and takes a lead role in working with parents and families to make sure our younger students have the best possible combination of Helm and home support. When not working, she is a keen gym-goer, and a self-confessed doting (and brand new) grandmother. She says the best thing about her job at Helm is building trust and good relationships with the students and to see them achieving things they never thought they would.  To see their faces light up and smile makes me smile.

  • Jenny Cameron

    Administration Manager

    Jenny joined Helm in January 2016, and leads all key administrative work in Helm. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role from previous key roles in Caledonia Housing Association and Dundee and Angus college, and supports our Operations team with all data and reporting needs, including leading the development of a new student database in 2017.

    Jenny says she really enjoys her work at Helm because she has the opportunity to develop her interest in administration whilst seeing the positive progression students make despite any challenges some may face.
    Jenny is a busy parent of 6 year old Ellen, and likes spending her (practically non existent) spare time with her family and friends.

Other Staff

  • Wendy McCartney

    Employment Liaison
  • Bobbi McMillan

    Employment Liaison
  • Susan Matthew

    Administration and Reception
  • Carol Evans

  • Cammy Black

  • Andrew Walker

  • Steven Denchfield

  • Kyle Fraser

  • Malcolm Mac Donald

    Training Garage Instructor
  • Fiona Innes

    Fundraising Officer
  • Marc Navarro

  • Michelle Dowdles

    Hair and Beauty
  • All our volunteers

    Mentoring, students on placements, and community volunteers