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Helm is currently recruiting for a Cleaner. More details are available here...


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Is now under way - sign up now and have the best ever Summer working on exciting projects with Helm. Download your materials here...

Volunteer Opportunities

New opportunities for volunteers can be found on our organisation web page here..Volunteering . Contact details are available here... Contact



Helm is a charity based in Dundee which provides a creative, supportive learning service for people, in particular young people, who face difficult barriers to developing sustainable careers.

Helm engages with individuals in fresh ways, aiming to find the spark that personally engages them. Our support is often through transitional periods in their lives. We take an holistic approach, not only focussing on career objectives but emphasising the importance of health, wellbeing and personal growth. Helm delivers a range of learning services in partnership with local and national funders and continues to develop a range of pioneering social enterprises that also deliver community services.

We encourage hundreds of people each year to strive for positive results and by doing so we continue to pursue our founding and core commitment - to help more people achieve more - securing for them a better future.



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